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Family Floater Health Guard covers expenses incurred during medical treatment for illness and injury. Health Guard Family Floater covers ambulance charges and pre- and post-hospitalization expenses in India.
Compare Car Insurance, When you compare car insurance, don't just look at the lowest premium offered Instead check the fine print and e...
A comprehensive car insurance cover protects against the losses caused by damage to your vehicle. But how do you choose the best car insurance from the numerous options in the market? In this article we list a few key reasons why car insurance is the best for you.
One of the fastest growing General Insurance companies in India and also won awards for Best General Insurance Company & Claims Innovation awards.
We offer individual health insurance, family floater health cover, extended health insurance and women specific critical health insurance.
Being able to compare companies, buy online car insurance and print proof of insurance from one site is a very popular idea. Anything that saves time is almost as valuable as saving money.
There is only one exception to this; if your car is stolen your motor car insurance will not provide third party cover for the thief. In fact motor insurance policies provide very extensive cover.
We are living in a world there are a number of activities taking place around us. It is quite difficult to predict a fact that whether a person can reach home safe after going out.